Monday, July 13, 2009

My apartment

First of all, this post is honor of my dear friend, Amanda Hemperly who is a missionary in Thailand and lovingly persistent to keep on me to finally post on my blog:-)!!  

So this is my cute little room in my apartment!  I'm all about the antique look:-).  I painted the room pastel yellow, I love my room:-)!!  

My roommate, Chiho and I painted our bathroom, that we share, lime green on two walls and white on two walls.  The color of my room and the bathroom before we moved in was an ugly salmon color.  It was hideous!!!  The bathroom is 110% better than what it was before. 

Thankfully we didn't have to paint the kitchen or the living room because the house has really high ceilings which is nice because it gives the 3-bedroom condo a deceiving look of a huge house.  

I think the backyard is my favorite about the whole condo.  It's really cute and quaint. 

Well, my stay at this condo is short because I'm moving to Bakersfield at the end of August to go to school!  I'm moving into a brand new house with 2 other girls.  I will have my room again but the room is alot bigger than my room above.  I will post pictures of the new house once I move and hopefully be better about doing it in a timely manner:-).  


Hemp said...

Good job, Briell!! :)

Jake and Erin said...

I like your house! Your bathroom is great, I love that shower curtain! =)

Whatleys' World said...

I love the shower curtain too!! The yellow is so cheery and the kitchen... LOVE the high ceiling. I'd also love the back yard! Thanks for posting, Briell and Thanks Hemp for getting on her!! :) Will wait for those new house pics. :)

Simon said...

looks good!

simon dodgen